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Production and Sale of Corn Cob Granulates

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logo folladorFor more than fifty years the Follador firm deals with the production and sale of corn cob which is used in more than thirty different sectors all over the world. Our abrasive granulates are a high quality product characterised by quality and reliability which is the result of up-to-date technologies and experience.
Our firm deals with the production and sale of different granulate measures. Heavier granulates are used, according to their characteristics, in different ways:
- because of their abrasive and liquid absorbing capacity there are used in the industrial sector for the vibratory finishing and sifting of metal surfaces; in the building trade and redecoration fields they are used for sandblasts and gritting of delicate metals, electric materials, wooden beams; in the catering industry they are used for the drying and polishing of cutleries;
- thanks to their high absorbing capacity (due to their internal cellular structure) granulates are used as litters for pets in order to absorb and contain liquids;
- our vegetable granulates can be used either in the natural state or blended with a number of chemical substances according to the use, in both industrial and agricultural fields.
The production of the lighter part of the corn cob can also be applied in different fields:
- as ingredients for animal fodders due to the high level of fibres, as supplement for vitamins, insecticides, pesticide and as a fertiliser;
- it is used in the foundry moulds and as a component of insulating materials.

Corn cob Abrasive Granulates for the Vibratory Finishing and Sifting of Metal surfaces

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Corn cob abrasive granulates for the vibratory finishingThe vibratory finishing and sifting with abrasive granulates is one of the terms which define the proceeding for the mechanical removal of substrate residues of the manufacturing process such as the stamping and fusion of produced items


Corn Cob Abrasive Granulates for Sandblasts and Gritting

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corn cob abrasive granulates for sandblasts and grittingThe Follador firm deals with the production and sale of abrasive granulates obtained from the corn cob.

Among the different types of abrasives for sandblasts and gritting present on the market, corn cob granulates are the safest as they do not create toxic


Corn Cob Abrasive Grains for the Drying and Polishing of Cutleries

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Corn cob for the drying and polishing of cutleriesCorn cob granulates are a completely natural and biodegradable product mainly composed by cellulose and obtained by grinding and pressing the cob.
The Follador firm deals with the production and sale of this product which is largely


Maize-Cob as Ingredient for Fodders in Zootechny

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maize cob ingredient for fodders in zootechnyThe Follador firm deals with the production and sale of vegetal maize-cob granulates also used in the zoological field as an ingredient for fodders. In this sector maize-cob is suitable for ruminants and can be used in different ways. Beside providing

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Vegetable granules of Corn cob

Whe are a company specialized in the production and sales of products obtained from the milling and calibration of corn cob granules.
The corn cob is an integral part of an ear of corn and it is 100% biodegradable.

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