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Corn Cob Abrasive Granulates for Sandblasts and Gritting

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corn cob abrasive granulates for sandblasts and grittingThe Follador firm deals with the production and sale of abrasive granulates obtained from the corn cob.

Among the different types of abrasives for sandblasts and gritting present on the market, corn cob granulates are the safest as they do not create toxic

dusts during the process allowing a completely natural and environment-friendly gritting which will not lead to health problems. Due to their elasticity the impact will not shatter the grains; this characteristic will allow them to be reused (with proper cloths placed on the ground) and, above all, they will be indispensable where normal sandblast will provoke irreparable damages (such as the woolly effect on wood caused by inactive silica grains).

The equipment normally used for sandblasts is perfectly adaptable to this product. In addition the operator will be safe from harmful exposures since inactive silica granulates (the main cause of silicosis) are not present in our product.

Types of use:
- to clean boarding and beams from flakes of plasters;
- to remove paintings and varnishes;
- to remove the coating deposited on wood through the years;
- to homogenously smoothen and highlight the grains on new-cut wood boarding;
- to strip and clean the external parts of wooden and fibreglass boats;
- it can be used for delicate metals such us aluminium.

There can be used normal sandblast machines completed with compressor of the capacity of 3.500/4.000 litres per minute and capable of providing continuous pressure up to 7atms. Nozzles have a diameter ranging from 4mm. to 9mm. The exit air pressure varies from 5atm to 7atm.

Granulates measures used
Normally, products have a granulate measurement ranging from 0,4 to 0,7mm, classified as COB30. For a sandblast providing a vintage effect of for those presenting scratches or for hard wood, the typology used is the COB20 which has a measure ranging between 0,7 to 1mm. For particular refining works it is common to use the type COB80 whose granulate dimensions range from 0,2 to 0,5mm.

Sandblasts can be realised in a more or less marked fashion; as a consequence the product consumes depends on the type of results the client wants to obtain. With 20kg of our product one can clean a surface of a size comprised between 5 to 10 square meters and the consume will vary according to the amount of dirt to remove. With a 6mm nozzle the consume is ca 160kg per house whilst with a 9mm nozzle and with a pressure of 6-7atm the consume is ca 300kg per hour. In order to clean a varnished wooden ceiling one will need ca 4kg of products per square meter.

The ever-growing diffusion of abrasive granlates is justified by a series of positive characteristics such as:
- it is a strong material (4,5 degrees in the MHOS scale) but at the same time soft and elastic;
- granulates are clean (dust-free) and biodegradable;
- they do not ignite sparks during the use;
- they do not damage the devices of sandblast machines;
- they do not present any waste-management issues as they are natural and biodegradable;
- they possess a high absorbing liquid capacity thanks to the particular cellular structure of grains which can quickly absorb and remove polluting substances providing a more rapid cleaning process;
- they are reusable.

A number of explicative videos are available at the following internet addresses:

corn cob abrasive granulatescorn cob sandblastcorn cob sandblast detail















Vegetable granules of Corn cob

Whe are a company specialized in the production and sales of products obtained from the milling and calibration of corn cob granules.
The corn cob is an integral part of an ear of corn and it is 100% biodegradable.

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