Corn cob Abrasive Granulates for the Vibratory Finishing and Sifting of Metal surfaces


Corn cob abrasive granulates for the vibratory finishingThe vibratory finishing and sifting with abrasive granulates is one of the terms which define the proceeding for the mechanical removal of substrate residues of the manufacturing process such as the stamping and fusion of produced items

(particularly suitable to provide the surface finishing of a large number of pieces).

This procedure is carried out either by tub or drum machine which thanks to the abrasive granulates, eventually combined with chemical products, will provide the perfect cleaning in terms of polishing and coating of the manufactured items.

The Follador firm deals with the production and sale of maize-cob granulates for the vibratory finishing and sifting. We possess a wide range granulate measures suitable for every type of work.
The difference between corn cob and the other abrasive is that corn cobs are completely natural, biodegradable and do not represent a health hazard for the operator. Corn cobs is specifically used for a soft vibratory finishing and will neither scratch nor damage the manufactured surfaces.

The suitable granulate measures are:
 AB04  5000-7000
 AB06  3000-5000
 AB10  1500-2500
 AB12  1500-2000
 AB16  1100-1500
 AB20  800-1100
 AB30  400-800
 AB80  180-400
Beside maize-cob granulates we also supply another product: walnut shells granulate. These are available in the same granulate measures we use for the corn cob and are suitable for surfaces which needs higher abrasive treatment.

Corn cob abrasive granulates for the vibratory finishing and sifting