Maize-Cob as Ingredient for Fodders in Zootechny


maize cob ingredient for fodders in zootechnyThe Follador firm deals with the production and sale of vegetal maize-cob granulates also used in the zoological field as an ingredient for fodders. In this sector maize-cob is suitable for ruminants and can be used in different ways. Beside providing

the necessary vegetable fibres to the diet of ruminants, it can be used for its particular inner cellular structure. This structure allows the cob to absorb a high quantity of liquids, resolving for example the digestive issues of young ruminants as it will absorb the excessive production of intestinal mucus.

For such use the typologies of granulate commonly used are the ZOO04 and ZOO06 which are characterised by the bigger volume. Maize-cob is also used by the chemical-pharmaceutical firms and by producers of animal dietary supplements as a complement of vitamins, antibiotics and all those substances animals needs to absorb during the digestive process. For this objective the product normally used is generally thin and will be specific to the substance to absorb.

Maize cob for fodders in zootechny