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Follador: Production and Sale of Corn Cob

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follador production and sale of corn cobThe Follador firm is a successful business in the field of industrial agriculture specialising in the production and sale of corn cob. The business was found established at the beginning of the 1950s mainly performing milling activities in the

North-East of Italy. Since then the milling of the maize was complemented by that of the cob whose flour was used in the production of animal fodders. During the 1970s it was realised that by selecting milled cobs one could obtain hard and resistant vegetal granulates which could have been used as abrasive granulates to polish metal surfaces. They were therefore promptly used by firms specialising in the production of small metallic objects, sinks, galvanics and others. Today they are produced in a variety of measures which are employed according to the type of work requested and to the form and shape of the item to work on. Beside corn cob our firm produces other types of vegetable abrasives such as walnut shells granulates which have the characteristic to polish in a shorter period of time but have a lesser absorbing capacity compared to the cob.

During the 1990s corn cob granulates were subsequently used as vegetable litters for pets such as rodents, birds and reptiles. The main characteristic of this type of litter is the high capacity to retain liquids, the absence of chemical additives and a neutral Ph (7,4) which allows pets to come into contact with the litter surface without any inconvenient.
Our production and sale of corn cob is ca. 10.000 tonnes per year. We are always striving to find new applications in order to extend our already wide range of products and uses and to fulfil our clients’ requests. Experience and reliability are our daily reality both in the working environment and in the relationship with an ever-changing market.


follador production of corn cob

Vegetable granules of Corn cob

Whe are a company specialized in the production and sales of products obtained from the milling and calibration of corn cob granules.
The corn cob is an integral part of an ear of corn and it is 100% biodegradable.

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