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The Processing of the Corn cob

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corn cob detailThe corn cob is an integral part of the corn product and its function is to support the grains. Corn cob are collected mainly in the factories that produce seeds because being easily bio-degradable with the modern harvesting process they will remain on the ground and will rot away.

Once collected, cobs undergo grinding and calibration (a selection of different granulate measures). From this two products are obtained: the granulates (heavy part) deriving from the crown of the cob, and flours (light part) deriving from the external part of the core. The main use for granulates are: the polishing and smoothening of metal items, wood sandblast, biodegradable litter for pets. On the other hand, flours are used as fodder for animals, supplements of animal food, liquid absorbers, charges for plastics, combustible.

The measures of the corn cob granulates, called by us AB, start from AB04 (large granulates) to AB200 (an almost impalpable flour):
 AB04  6. 000/4500


 AB06     4500/3200  400/500
 AB08     3200/2000  450/580
 AB12     2000/1500  450/600
 AB16     1500/1000  480/580
  AB20   1000/750  450/550
  AB30     750/350  400/500
 AB80     350/180  350/480
 AB200     250/0



Vegetable granules of Corn cob

Whe are a company specialized in the production and sales of products obtained from the milling and calibration of corn cob granules.
The corn cob is an integral part of an ear of corn and it is 100% biodegradable.

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